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The Inspiration. Who is Dr. Telisa Franklin?

Franklin is a supercharged businesswoman, an entrepreneurial powerhouse, with ties to the Memphis community and beyond. Her plate is full most of the time, but she manages to pile on more whenever an idea crosses her mind to advance her business interest or when a cause dealing with the community tugs on her heartstring.

Over the course of her professional career, Franklin has either owned a business, operated one, or worked in various capacities for a couple of banks, a car dealership and a videographer.

As an entrepreneur, Franklin has owned several businesses

- President of TFM 501c3 Non profit-
- Flowers & More
- Affordable Apparel & Signs
-President of MemphisJuneteenth Festival -Brand Telespokeperson

-Weekly Segment on WMC5 -President of

Wavn the Trend Fm104-Am1240 -Business consultant coach
-COO Yardpopups (Kidpreaneur business)

“I believe children should have an opportunity to be successful in life, but the leaders of today must prepare them for their destiny,“ I just want them to succeed in life,” added Franklin, the mother of a 15-year-old son, Charles Edward, whom she is grooming as a young entrepreneur. “That’s why I stepped in to provide a foundation from which to launch a successful career.”



#CEO provides a focused introduction to the business world, combining a dynamic, proven curriculum with the experiences of leaders of entrepreneurs. The goal of all #CEO sessions is for each student to successfully launch their own business or idea.


Develop and deliver experience-based entrepreneurship after school programs to young people to:

  • Enable them to transition successfully to adulthood;

  • Help them to pursue their dreams by harnessing their creativity and energy;

  • Help them transform their ideas into tangible enterprises that create economic and social value for a better world;

  • Develop the character of tomorrow’s leaders based on personal principles and values;

  • Enable organizations to provide successful and effective entrepreneurship programs for middle and high school students; Create a culture of successful entrepreneurs


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